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Travertine porcelain paver look was chosen by Kronos because this product was used as a key building material throughout the ages.

Travertine has always been one of the most widely used materials in classic and contemporary works of architecture.
It has become a familiar part of our urban and residential scene, and its tactile beauty has become an ICON of refined, elegant excellence for outdoor pavings and wall coverings.

The ICON TRAVERTINE range perfectly combines the high technical standards of our porcelain stonewares and the aesthetic appeal of Travertines, rich in textured details and distinctive features.

All surfaces are suitable for heavy foot traffic and for use on outdoor pathways exposed to very wet conditions, making them suitable for any open-air application.

The range comprises a number of looks and structures, from the more natural colours, with subtle vein patterns, of Vein Cut and Cross Cut Italiano, to the more strongly textured Cross Cut Peruviano, with the striking colour contrasts between blocks and the strong veining typical of Travertine from the Andes.


Cross Cut Tivoli’s Avorio

Cross Cut Tivoli’s Crema

Cross Cut Tivoli’s Walnut

Cross Cut Andes Silver

Cross Cut Andes Shell

Cross Cut Andes Cappuccino

Vein Cut Pearl

Vein Cut River

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