Roof Deck Tiles

An outdoor roof deck is a deck or patio created on a flat roof outside a building.
As people become more aware of the importance of contact with nature,
roof decks have become increasingly popular in urban areas, where green spaces are often few and far between.

An ideal solution for creating welcoming, functional outdoor spaces, locations for relaxation, wellbeing and socializing that are increasingly central to daily life, in both private and public and commercial contexts.
One of the crucial factors when constructing a roof deck is the
choice of pavers, which must combine specific technical characteristics with an attractive, stylish appearance.

Kronos USA porcelain pavers for roof decks are produced in the United States and are designed to suit the taste and meet the performance and technical needs of the American market.



Kronos USA roof pavers are produced in porcelain stoneware with thickness of 2 cm.
A ceramic product with
outstanding technical characteristics that offers many advantages over traditional natural materials:

  • Resistance to the Weather: our porcelain pavers are able to withstand extreme weather conditions including rain, snow, frost and intense heat, with no damage or change in their appearance.
  • Anti-Slip Properties: all our pavers have excellent slip resistance.
    This tested, certified technical characteristic increases roof deck users’ safety in damp and wet conditions.
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene: cleaning our porcelain pavers is very cheap and easy since they are non-absorbent.
    Their excellent technical properties make them highly resistant to scratches, stains, mould and bacteria.
  • Product Sustainability: our outdoor pavers are a highly sustainable product thanks to the use of natural raw materials like clay in state-of-the-art production plants which minimise environmental impact compared to the manufacture of other products.
    Our porcelain stoneware’s sustainability is also boosted by its durability, with an almost endless lifecycle, its low maintenance and 100% recyclability.
    One final aspect of our pavers’ sustainability is their capacity to reduce overheating caused by the heat island effect.
  • Wide Range: Our outdoor pavers are available in different sizes and a large assortment of colors in wood, concrete and stone looks.
    Ideal products for creating an outdoor location with the required design style for any intended purpose.



Raised or floating paving is the dry installation system recommended by Kronos USA for paving roof decks or patios.
Our raised installation system comprises:

  • Kronos USA Porcelain Pavers 3/4″ thick
  • Modern, innovative Adjustable Pedestals
  • Optional accessories developed to increase the paving’s safety


“pavimentazioniFrom the aesthetic point of view, it ensures flooring with a single gradient, without any visible water draining elements (such as grids or drainpipes)
“deflusso The small gap between one slab and another allows a quick water drainage. It is easy to clean. (see cleaning and maintenance/installations tip on page 74)
“assorbimento Frost-proof, it absorbs the thermal expansions of the concrete substrate, the direct cause of traditional outdoor flooring subsidences.
“minor Less load bearing on rooftops and balconies as the last layer of concrete and adhesive is not necessary.
“miglior The gap between the slab and the concrete substrate fosters excellent thermal insulation.
“isolamento Best acoustic insulation.
“tubazioni Easy to inspect hidden pipework.
“velocità Speed of installation.
“riciclabile” Recyclable.
“garanzia Value for money solution in terms of installation and maintenance, lasts virtually forever.

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